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Thank you for taking time to check out my page for paint label soda bottles. Many of you that have been collecting for some time are familiar with these as "ACL" bottles. For the beginner collector, this refers to Applied Color Label. The labels are applied by a silkscreen process using special paints to adhere to the glass. Many varieties exist on these bottles. Color variations, town names, bottling company names all add to the excitement of collecting these bottles. For the most part, these bottles are no longer in use as bottling practices have changed over the years. The majority of these bottles were "RETURN FOR DEPOSIT" bottles and were taken back to the store and sent back to be refilled. Times have changed and our "throw away" society has deemed the "returnable" too much trouble. Anyway, we now have an excellent collectible to enjoy.


The bottles listed here will grade very good to mint condition. We will do the best we can to describe any defects, flaws or wear that can be noticed on the bottle. Much of the wear comes from the wooden cases they were transported in. Also, vending machines that dispensed these bottles, wore a great deal on the surfaces. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about a bottle.


Click on the blue inventory number to see a photo of the bottle listed. Also, any other words listed in blue can be clicked on to see that detail of the bottle. Any item listed as "SOLD" is waiting for payment to arrive, but can still be viewed. We sometimes have several similar bottles in stock. If you are in need of duplicates, just check to see what we have.


Updated 10/25/2003

a2598 WAINSCOTT'S BEVERAGES. 12oz. Red and white ACL. WINCHESTER, KY. $5.00 Stock #a2598.
a2637 SUBURBAN CLUB 10oz. White ACL. 9-3/4". 215 PENNSYLVANIA / WICHITA, KS. $3.00 Stock #a2637.

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